Surveillance Cameras Capture Elderly Attack, But Will Police Find the Assailant?

Back in October, you may remember hearing about poor litte Yue Yue, a toddler in China that was struck by 2 vehicles, and left on the street struggling for her life while many passed by and didn’t help. The child lost her life, and perhaps if she had immediate care, she would still be with us today. It was all caught on surveillance video, revealing a dark, ugly side of human nature. How could you not help the defenseless?

Recently, an 86-year-old man, Aaron Brantley, was attacked and carjacked in broad daylight at a busy, Detroit gas station. The elderly man, hurt and unable to walk, is shown in the below surveillance footage crawling across the parking lot of the gas station trying to find help. No one bothered to stop and ask if he was OK.

Click video to view.

Surveillance cameras always witness how cold humans can be. We still can’t believe anyone would attack and then ignore an injured, elderly man. Thankfully once inside the gas station, Mr. Brantley was offered a ride back to his home. He suffered an injury of a broken leg, but is thankful to still be alive.

Another unfortunate thing that struck us was how AWFUL the quality of the video surveillance system was there. It’s morning time during the recorded attack. How could it look so dark? It looks like night time to me. This gas station really needs an upgrade. Please view the surveillance image below, taken from our IP camera at a local gas station to compare.

Based on the surveillance captured from the Detriot gas station, it would take a miracle to find Mr. Brantley’s attacker. You can barely tell there were even two people in the video fighting, or that this happened during the morning. In our surveillance image, you can clearly see the details detectives would need, such as license plate numbers, the make and model of a vehicle and clear details of people in view, such as facial features, clothing, height (estimate), etc. It’s a shame to not be able to properly solve a crime because of the surveillance equipment not being able to efficiently capture a crime taking place.

Unfortunately, crime happens everywhere these days, and can even happen in broad daylight in busy venues with lots of witnesses. Although there is no way to completely prevent crime happening to you, or at your business, we remind you to:

  1. Stay alert! Pay attention to your surroundings.
  2. Refrain from flashing money, jewelry or expensive electronics in public places.
  3.  Try not to put yourself in situations that may increase your chances of being a crime victim, such as walking through a dark alley, late at night.
  4. If you are walking and see an individual or group that makes you feel uneasy, follow that feeling and do something to put yourself in a position of safety. Turn around, walk away and go into an open store. If you still feel uneasy, ask a store employee to call 911 and remain in the store until the police respond.
  5. When driving your car, keep the doors locked and your purse or packages out of sight.

In summary, try to THINK like a criminal. It might sound crazy, but if you could put yourself in their shoes, it might save your life and get you out of a bad situation! 

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